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What is ezPAARSE?

ezPAARSE is a free and open-source software that can ingest your (proxy) log files and show how users access subscribed electronic resources on publishers'websites.

Through its online form or API, it filters, extracts and enriches the access events that were spotted and produces a CSV file following COUNTER codes of practices.

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Analogist is the collaborative space where we gather all analyses made for ezPAARSE by its users. Those analyses help to implement specific parsers used by ezPAARSE.

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ezMESURE is an access-controlled national repository aggregating subscribed electronic resources usage statistics generated by ezPAARSE local instances of the French Higher Education and Research organizations.

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Bibliomap shows geo-localized access events generated by ezPAARSE in real-time on a map. It monitors your ezproxy traffic and help push for the adoptation of ezPAARSE in your institution by showing everyone what it is all about!

In France, 0 institutions use ezPAARSE to process 0 days of logs and so to generate 0 UEs distributed on 0 publisher's platforms and 0 journals and ebooks distinct titles.

A team and a community

A simple and effective tool

Install and use it in just a few clicks!


A dynamic an responsive team

Don't hesitate to contact us for any question, feedback, suggestion: we are happy to help!


A growing community

And not only french-speaking: ezPAARSE is installed in many institutions in the USA, Singapore, Germany, and many others!